MCL 600.4706a

600.4706a Notice that property returned or lien discharged.

Sec. 4706a.

(1) Within 7 days after personal property is returned to the owner, or a lien filed against real property or a motor vehicle is discharged pursuant to section 4706, the seizing agency, or if the property is real property, the attorney general, the prosecuting attorney, or the city or township attorney who gave notice of the seizure of the property and the intent to forfeit and dispose of the property pursuant to section 4704, shall give notice to the persons who received notice pursuant to section 4704 that the property has been returned to the owner or that the lien has been discharged pursuant to section 4706.

(2) The notice required under subsection (1) shall be a written notice delivered to the person or sent to the person by certified mail. If the name and address of the person are not reasonably ascertainable or delivery of the notice cannot reasonably be accomplished, the notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the personal property was seized or the real property is located for 10 successive publishing days.